Desktop 2.1 Under Development

October 27, 2020 xlar54 4 comments

So I have been wanting to do some GEOS development, and use cc65 to do it. At the same time, there are some things about desktop which really annoy me….

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Cenbe’s GEOS Font Explorer

August 21, 2020 xlar54 zero comment

This is really great. Cenbe has developed a font explorer web application to allow you to preview fonts, as well as providing important information about these fonts. Click here to…

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GEOS Copy protection

August 19, 2020 xlar54 one comment

Just wanted to link to a couple of resources about GEOS copy protection. Here’s a great article about how it works. And here is a link about how to reinstate…

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Hello geoFriends!

August 18, 2020 xlar54 4 comments

Welcome to the new Commodore 64/128 GEOS Today site. I picked the name because it was very cheap, so its a bit cheesy, but hey. I wanted to put together…

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